What a week…

May 12 2009 § Leave a comment

Only 11 hours  have passed since I dropped my car off for maintenance work and I realize now just how dependant on my vehicle I have become.  Getting home from the shop was a chore in itself as I don’t regularly carry change (or even cash at all) on me and I had to rely on taxi for transport.  After approximately five hours after and getting rather hungry, not being able to go out and get my own meal meant I now had to rely on a delivery driver to feed me some overpriced chicken and, as much as I believed I liked being home, seclusion to one’s private quarters is a drag when opted against with no choice.  I get my car back tomorrow and after a few hundred dollars lighter in my pocket will gain whatever sense of freedom I had to begin with.

Got a letter back from SAIT saying I’m on their waitlist for my program so I think I may just apply for another department and see what I can get in one of my areas of interest.  Truth be told, I would almost do anything to get out of my job and start working career and making some real money with some decent hours.  There comes a point in life where slinging boxes and mail around no longer satisfies any desires and the strive for something more continues.  To think, there was a time when the thought of being around planes at the airport all day was exciting… how I miss the naivety of youth.

Between awkward conversations, over-heated car rides and many hours of Resident Evil 5 in between, this has been a long week and all hopes are that next week isn’t as bad, at least now I have Saints Row 2 to tide me over awhile.  Video Games Live 2.0 in three days should take my mind off things.  Was going to do up a review of The Horrors’ new album Primary Colours but I’m really not in the mood to anymore.  Just buy it, its good.


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